Postdoctoral Scholars

The NNL welcomes applications from highly motivated postdoc applicants.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary. We invent and make use of novel micro and nanotechnologies, combine these new tools with sub-cellular and cellular electrophysiology, cutting-edge two-photon microscopy and CMOS electronics to help dissect how brain circuits compute – specifically in the cortex. We are interested in and focus on a variety of biological questions ranging from probing the fundamental biophysical features that influence single neuron computation, dendritic signaling in behavior, population coding during behavior, and novel technology development.

The work environment will be extremely collaborative and in-depth training will be provided wherever required. However, experience with mouse-surgeries, whole-cell electrophysiology, optical microscopy, data analysis, integrated circuits, or microfabrication is a definite plus. Ideally, successful postdoctoral fellows will come from either an electronics/optics background, with an interest in learning more about neuroscience, or a neuroscience background, with an interest in working with cutting-edge experimental technologies for interfacing to the brain. However, applicants from other engineering disciplines or a molecular, chemistry or a biology background are also encouraged to write in.

Interested candidates should send their CV, 1-page description of what he/she would like to work on, most relevant published papers, and the names of three references to Prof. Krishna Jayant (kjayant at purdue dot edu).