Technicians and Undergraduate Research

Lab Technician

The NNL has an opening for a full-time laboratory technician and invites applications. Please send an email directly to kjayant at purdue dot edu expressing your interest in this position and your CV. Work will be research intensive and will be in close collaboration with graduate students and postdocs. Some of the work will involve reagent preparation, mouse injections, surgery assistance, slice preparation, and general lab upkeep. This position is open to both graduates and post-graduates. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

Undergraduate Research

The NNL invites motivated undergraduates who are driven and have a passion for science to apply for a position in the lab. Please send an email to kjayant at purdue dot edu expressing your interest. A minimum commitment of 12 hours per week during two semesters and a full- time 10 week summer work, is expected. We prefer undergraduate students who are committed to working in the laboratory for several years, preferably 3.