Graduate Students

The NNL has openings for 2 graduate students to work on multiple projects related to neurotechnology, circuit neuroscience, nanoelectronics, and microfabrication.

We are interested in using novel nanotechnologies and neurotechniques to map and decipher the fundamental mechanisms involved in neural circuit computation, both in the context of sensory processing and disease. Our expertise spans electrophysiology, imaging, neuroscience, nanoelectronics, and biophysics, with an active interest in developing new electrical and optical tools, methods, and theory.

Some projects include,

  1. Mapping synaptic and dendritic dynamics during multi-sensory integration in vivo
  2. Elucidating fundamental biophysical features of synapses in vitro and in vivo
  3. Designing new CMOS implantable neuroelectronic systems
  4.  CMOS Bioelectronics

Students that are already admitted at Purdue and who are interested in either rotating or joining my lab can drop me an email (kjayant at purdue dot edu) to discuss projects and options.