Postdoctoral Scholars

Daniel Gonzales, PhD

Dr. Daniel Gonzales received his PhD in Applied Physics from Rice University in 2019 where during his PhD as a NSF GRFP awardee he researched nanofabricated structures for assaying neurophysiology. He joined Purdue for Postdoctoral training in June 2019. His present research focuses on using nanoelectrodes, electrophysiology, and imaging for mapping sub-cellular activity from the surface of the brain. He was awarded a Lillian Gilbreth Fellowship, a HHMI Hanna Gray Fellowship and more recently a Burroughs Postdoctoral enrichment award for his work.


Saumitra Yadav, Phd

Dr. Saumitra Yadav completed his PhD in nanoscience from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore where his thesis focused on two-photon microscopy using acousto optic deflectors , electrophysiology and nano-optics. He joined Purdue for postdoctoral training in August 2019. His work focuses on combining two-photon microscopy and electrophysiology to map synaptic and dendritic dynamics in vitro and in vivo.