Biophysics & Nanoscience

Biophysics & Nanoscience

We are interested in elucidating fundamental biophysical aspects of neurons, in-organic nanostructures and their interaction with fluids, and sensor interface physics both from a theoretical and experimental perspective. We solve partial differential equations, use finite element tools and employ multi-physics simulations to dissect different physical contributions to signal generation – both in the context of neuroscience and nanoscience.

Research topics in this area spans the following

A. Biophysics, Fluid physics and Nanoscience

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Research topics within this area include

a. Electrodiffusion models to explain transport (in biology and nanofluidics)

b. Multi-physics based simulations and experimental validation of nanoscale electrodes

c. Electrolyte dynamics in nanofluidic channels

d. Electromechanical coupling in neurons and cellular membranes

e. Scanning probe microscopy and physics